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Service Range

Courtel Communications offers a range of service options delivering court lists to those who need them. In addition we supply value-added, time-saving, legal community information.

Apart from our renowned CourtServe 2000 flagship service - widely acknowledged to be indispensible by barristers chambers, there are 4 pathways for court users to obtain lists from courts in England and Wales.
These rely on our propriety software and on the internet.

Service Range

Subscribe to our electronic services by just clicking on the appropriate link below.

  • CourtServe 2000 — the flagship service and simply the best tool for its purpose in the market.
  • CourtServe HRA — a focused service carefully tailored to the needs of solicitors with higher court rights of audience and law firms.
  • CourtServe County — electronic delivery of County Court civil and family lists for all professionally involved in civil litigation.
  • Crown Express — Crown Court lists, select those you want, pay online and receive lists by e-mail.
  • RCJ Express — High Court lists from the Royal Courts of Justice are delivered by e-mail.
  • County Express — County Court lists, a growing number of lists from these courts are available. Select those you want, pay online and receive them by e-mail.
  • Employment Tribunal Express — the daily cause and press (advanced) lists for all the Employment Tribunals in England, Wales and Scotland are now available by email to our customers.

Critical Advantages

Join hundreds of legal firms, chambers and individual legal practitioners who achieve critical competitive advantage by signing up for Courtel's services.

The what and why of court lists

The court lists detail which cases are to be heard where, on what date, before which judges and in some cases also name the legal teams involved. They are mission critical to barristers and solicitors and to a range of local authorities, welfare, citizens advice and similar organisations who deal with, or appear on behalf of, clients in the various Courts of England and Wales. CourtServe provides a consolidated source of all these Court lists and delivers them within moments of publication by the Courts.