Testimonials CourtServe Users

CourtServe 2000 - is a high performance Court and Tribunal listing service designed for the exacting demands of barristers, clerks, solicitor-advocates and legal professionals.

Those who use it attest to its time and cost saving features, acknowledge its powerful and effective simplicity of operation and praise Courtel's friendly and highly-responsive customer service approach.

The testimonials below reflect the market's unanimous judgement on the productivity-enhancing power of CourtServe 2000 thanks in the main to a unique interface with major case management systems.

Other users have praised its ability to act as a giant electronic filing cabinet for hundreds of County court lists, bringing order to an otherwise unmanageable digital flow of civil hearing data.

  • "...we have always been great fans of Courtel from early on and encouraged others to join up. We find it very helpful in our work..."

    "What is particularly useful is the way the software has been tweaked over past few years. It does make significant time savings for the clerks..."

    "... the flagging up feature offers us a very good aid to our work and draws our attention to lots of developments on the lists."

    "....the program is a most useful tool and productivity aid in chambers."

  • "I know the product its good I've worked with it in criminal sets."

  • "We are delighted with CourtServe 2000, wouldn't be without it, once you've had it and used it you can't do without it. Any time you need a recommendation just ask."

  • "Bless you. Thank you so much for all your invaluable help.

    I really could not have done this job without you guys."

  • "Fantastic service as ever."

    "You folks @ Courtel never disappoint me.

    Many thanks."