RCJ Express E-mail Service

This service delivers by e-mail any combination of lists from the Royal Courts of Justice and Rolls Building including the Daily Cause, Business & Property Courts Rolls Building Cause List and Queen's Bench.

  • Digitally Delivered

    Our RCJ Express Service is a fast and efficient way to access lists published by the Royal Courts of Justice and Rolls Building. We process the lists into a format for ease of reference and for use on a word-processor. In this format, relevant cases and hearings are faster and more search-accessible.

    Subscribers to our flagship CourtServe 2000 service already benefit from these lists, delivered rapidly and conveniently to the desktop application.

    Available Lists

  • List Name
  • Annual Charge
  • Royal Courts of Justice Daily and Business & Property Courts Rolls Building Daily Cause Lists
  • £299.00+
  • Queen's Bench List
  • £119.00++

+   Judges sittings, all divisions
++ Includes Queen's Bench Division, Masters & Senior Court Costs Office

*All prices are exclusive of VAT

  • Other Lists

    The Companies Court Winding Up list is supplied at no extra charge to RCJ Express subscribers.

  • Media

    Registered journalists use the RCJ Express service to ensure they are alerted to forthcoming public interest cases. Stay ahead on the story, subscribe below to RCJ Express.

  • Payment Method

    Pay by Credit or Debit card
    (A VAT invoice is automatically generated)

    Pay by Cheque
    (This will incur a £10 admin fee.)