CourtServe HRA Application

CourtServe HRA is a Windows software application that electronically delivers Crown Court lists for solicitors with higher court rights of audience and sole practitioners.

The application offers various levels of access to Court lists and is tailored to law firms of all sizes operating locally and nationwide. CourtServe HRA delivers all the Court lists - daily courtrooms, daily drafts, daily finals, criminal warned, firm and running - published by the Crown Courts in England and Wales, as selected by the user.

CourtServe HRA is from the same proven family of applications as used by most leading criminal chambers in England and Wales.

The time-consuming task of tracking hearings can now be easily automated by CourtServe's efficient, practical, electronic solution offering built-in reliability and attractive cost savings.

  • CourtServe HRA

    CourtServe HRA is continuously updated by a sophisticated, secure data centre. It displays lists and tracks cases in the courts selected by the subscriber. CourtServe has been working with the Ministry of Justice for 25 years specifically to do just this. Over this period, CourtServe has refined a digital solution that using the internet, securely delivers a wide range of lists from the Crown Courts, County Courts, Royal Courts of Justice & Rolls Building, and Employment Tribunals to those in the legal community who depend on them.

    Your cases can be entered into the CourtServe HRA application so that you are alerted to any vital listing change in a court hearing.

  • What it does

    The CourtServe HRA is accessed through an icon on your PC desktop. Behind this is a sophisticated web-enabled application, secure data centre, help desk, and a team based in Surrey able to resolve any issues or queries.

    CourtServe HRA users can track cases scheduled in your selected courts. CourtServe HRA works continuously in the background to ensure that the latest editions of each list are displayed within moments of their release from each court.

    CourtServe HRA can also be upgraded to receive lists from the Royal Courts of Justice & Rolls Building, County Courts in England and Wales and Employment Tribunals in England, Wales & Scotland.

  • How it works

    A user of the CourtServe HRA application on their desktop scrolls down through the lists that are included in the subscribed service and published on a particular day by the chosen courts. Alternatively a user can choose from a range of different list types appearing in the main menu.

    Optional extras: Case indexing for automated alerting; lists from the Royal Courts of Justice & Rolls Building, County Courts and Employment Tribunals.

  • Why CourtServe HRA?

    Quite simply it saves users time and money. Solicitors with higher court rights of audience, sole practitioners and legal firms benefit from case alerts and tracking efficiency when they opt to load their own case entries into the application.

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